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Sustainability is on everyone’s lips

LUX is not only committed to the wellbeing of its guests, but is also concerned about the environment. We have undertaken to abide by a strict climate protection strategy and are therefore working in a way that’s 100% climate-neutral.

In order to cater for our guests in a sustainable manner, we at LUX use – whenever possible – seasonal, organic and local ingredients together with wines that are produced in Europe. We also offer our guests a wide choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

 Animal welfare is an important issue which places us under some ethical obligations, so we at LUX prefer Swiss meat from animals that have been kept outside (on pasture). When it comes to fish, we value products which have been caught sustainably in the wild (MSC) or which come from certified aquaculture sources (ASC).

Switzerland Crayfish
Pike perch
France Sea bass
Italy Mussels
Vietnam Shrimps
Our baked goods from Swiss production

The gram figures for the CO2 footprint as well as the information on the energy value may vary slightly - depending on the respective supplier or processed product.
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